How Commercial Roofing Contractors Can Help You

When it comes to commercial buildings, the roof plays a vital role in safeguarding the structure and the people inside from the elements. However, commercial roofs often experience various problems that can affect their performance and durability.

In this blog post, we will explore some common issues with commercial roofs and explain how professional contractors can provide effective solutions. Whether it’s leaks, water pooling, membrane damage, roof shrinkage, or storm damage, LePierre Roofing, a commercial roofing company, has the skills and knowledge to identify and fix these problems promptly.

Common Issues with Commercial Roofs

Leaks in the Roof

One of the most common problems faced by commercial buildings is roof leaks. Leaks can occur due to aging materials, improper installation, or severe weather conditions. When a roof starts leaking, it not only causes water damage but also poses risks to the building’s structure. Professional commercial roofing contractors at LePierre Roofing are experienced in finding the source of leaks and making the necessary repairs or replacements. We use advanced techniques and high-quality materials to restore the roof’s waterproof seal and prevent further damage.

Water Pooling on the Roof

Water pooling happens when water accumulates on a flat or low-slope roof. This can be caused by poor drainage systems or an inadequate roof slope. Over time, the weight of the standing water can stress the structure, damage the roofing materials, and increase the risk of leaks. LePierre Roofing, a commercial roofing company, can assess the roof’s drainage system, identify areas prone to pooling, and suggest appropriate solutions. We may recommend installing additional drains, improving the roof’s slope, or using special insulation to effectively solve the problem.

Damage to the Roof Membrane

The roof membrane acts as a protective layer against the elements. However, it can get damaged over time, affecting its effectiveness. Common types of membrane damage include cracks, blisters, and punctures. These issues can arise due to aging, foot traffic, extreme temperatures, or poor installation techniques. Commercial roofing contractors at LePierre Roofing have the expertise to evaluate the extent of membrane damage and determine the most suitable repair or replacement methods. By addressing membrane issues promptly, we ensure the roof’s longevity and enhance its resistance to leaks and other problems.

Roof Shrinkage

Roof shrinkage is a common problem that mainly affects roofs with thermoplastic membranes. It occurs due to changes in temperature or improper installation techniques. Roof shrinkage can cause cracks, splitting, or separation of the membrane seams, compromising the roof’s integrity and increasing the risk of leaks. Commercial roofing contractors are skilled at identifying shrinkage issues and taking corrective measures. They may use techniques like heat welding or adhesive applications to repair or reinforce the membrane, restoring its functionality and protecting the roof against further damage.

Damage from Storms

Severe weather events like hailstorms, high winds, or heavy rain can cause significant damage to commercial roofs. They can lead to shingle or membrane damage, dislodged flashings, or weakened roof stability. After a storm, it is crucial to hire a commercial roofing company to conduct thorough inspections. These professionals can identify hidden storm damage, document it for insurance purposes, and provide necessary repairs or replacements. Timely intervention by contractors can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems and ensure the roof remains resilient against future storms.

How Contractors Can Help

Roof Inspections

Regular roof inspections by a commercial roofing company like LePierre Roofing, are essential for proactively identifying and addressing potential problems. Contractors use their expertise to assess the roof’s condition, spot signs of damage or deterioration, and recommend appropriate solutions. Through comprehensive inspections, they can detect issues like leaks, membrane damage, or drainage problems early on, saving building owners from costly repairs in the future. By including scheduled roof inspections in a maintenance plan, contractors help extend the lifespan of the roof and optimize its performance.

Problem Diagnosis

Commercial roofing contractors are skilled at accurately diagnosing roofing problems. They use their knowledge and experience to identify the underlying causes behind issues such as leaks, water pooling, or membrane damage. By conducting a thorough assessment, they can determine the best course of action for effectively resolving the problem. Contractors not only address the visible symptoms but also consider factors like building design, environmental conditions, and roofing materials to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of each commercial roof.

Roof Repairs and Maintenance

When facing common issues with commercial roofs, hiring LePierre Roofing, a professional contractor, ensures quality repairs and maintenance. Whether it’s fixing leaks, sealing membrane cracks, or replacing damaged sections, contractors follow industry best practices and use high-quality materials to restore the roof’s integrity. Additionally, they offer customized maintenance plans to prevent future problems, including routine inspections, cleaning, and proactive repairs. By investing in regular maintenance, building owners can avoid costly damage and extend the lifespan of their commercial roofs.

Replacing and Restoring the Roof

Sometimes, commercial roofs become so damaged or old that simple repairs won’t cut it anymore. That’s when replacement or restoration becomes necessary.

When a roof is beyond repair, commercial roofing contractors can help by replacing it entirely. They’ll check the condition of the existing roof, suggest suitable replacement materials, and make sure the new roof is installed properly. Roof replacement offers the chance to upgrade to a more durable and energy-efficient system, which can improve the building’s overall performance and last longer.

Roof restoration is an alternative to full replacement, especially if the existing roof is still structurally sound but has minor issues. This approach is cost-effective and involves fixing damaged areas, sealing the roof, and applying special coatings to extend its lifespan. Restoration can fix problems like leaks, membrane damage, and minor deterioration without the need for a complete roof replacement, which saves money and avoids disrupting the building.

Commercial Roof Installation

Commercial roof installation is a crucial task that requires expertise and attention to detail. It’s important to hire professional roofing contractors like LePierre Roofing with experience in commercial roof installation. We can carefully plan the installation, choose the right materials, and follow building codes. Our commercial roofing contractors understand the unique needs of your building and can recommend the best roofing system for it. We ensure that the installation is done correctly, considering factors like drainage and weather resistance. By relying on reputable contractors like us, you can be confident that your new commercial roof will meet high standards, providing long-lasting protection for your property.


In conclusion, it’s important to address common issues with commercial roofs promptly to protect your building and avoid costly damage. Problems like leaks, ponding water, membrane damage, roof shrinkage, and storm damage can have serious consequences if left unattended.

That’s where the professional commercial roofing contractors at LePierre Roofing come in. We have the knowledge and skills to diagnose problems accurately and provide effective solutions. Whether it’s repairing leaks, improving drainage, fixing membrane damage, or addressing storm damage, we can ensure the job is done right using quality materials and industry best practices.

Don’t wait until a small issue becomes a big problem. Take a proactive approach by scheduling regular roof inspections and maintenance with the reliable contractors at LePierre Roofing. Don’t compromise the durability and functionality of your commercial roof. Act now to ensure long-term protection and success for your building!

May 24, 2023

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